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Barbara's dress

Hello everybody in this post I show you the colaboration that we have done  +Bàrbara Blue and me. We have done what we call Barbara´s dress, and the result was really fantastic, because we unite knitting and sewing confection together. Now I describe step by step how to do the bra... and if you have interest in making the Barbara´s dress or if you only have can to visit the +Bàrbara Blue  blogger and you will see the step by step  end of Barbara´s dress there!!!

Above you can see my collaboration in this work!!!!!

She is my friend Barbara a woman whit whom we share different hobbies like salsa dancing, DIY and science! OK!! We start with the step by step!!!!

I made size S-M
If you need a smaller size you can make less chain and if you need a larger size you can add chain.

Katia Yarn: Cotton Stretch.
Hook number 3
Wooden beads for decoration.
Wooden buttoms.
I divide the bra in 4 parts:  
  1.- Cup
  2.- Union of the cups  
  3.- Side wings
  4.- Straps

Cast on 20 chain stitch

The next turn you make single crochet.
And continue with single crochet..........
You need to make a square.....

You can measure in this form: you can see the picture:
On this picture you can see the perfect square.

When you have the square......
you make in the corner two single crochet on the same hole.....

and coninue with single crochet per hole or single crochet

Now you make many turns......on two sides of square.

Now you have a cup, the three sides are the same size. You need to repeat all the steps of the chest for to you have two cups.

Breasts union

On this step you join the two pieces. You start on one corner to kniting with single crochet and continue until you finish the first cup and later join the other cup whith single crochet and finish the turn and return whit single crochet. 
                                                        corner            join       continue

Make two turn with single crochet and later make two turn of fans.
two single crochet  ⇉

When you finish the second turn of single crochet, make 5 chains........ and skip two singles crochets, and on the next hole make two double croche. Followed by this you have one chain, and it continues to make two double crochet on the same hole.

Summary of the previous...... 

Skip two single crochet.
Make two double crochet
One chain.
Two double crochet.
Make two turn of fans.

Side wings
Do 11 single crochet starting from......where you can see the hook in the picture.
               Single crochet                                                                           

                   11 single crochet        


Do two turns. And the next turn you make double crochet. The size of the wing depend on your back size.


Have 3-trc- together and join with one chain. And continue with this pattern, until you have the required size.
Finally, you use the wooden beads and buttons to decorate like do you want!!!!

I enjoyed making this project and I hope you like it and have a nice time with this craft!!!! Aquetzallicraft and!!!!

TIPS!!! You can check the parts and names of a bra in:

See you in RUMS

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