miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Norwegian layer cake with strawberry cream

(Høy bløtkake med jordbærkrem og sjokolade dam).

Good day everybody! Today the “comadres” want to share with you a recipe of a very traditional norwegian cake, it may not be the most common or the main one for the national day but it is still delicious! Very creamy and with a nice touch of red fruits that takes you to the moon. The secret on preparing this cake is mainly time, you need at least two days since the cake needs to “rest” before continuing but you will have as end result a delicious and beautiful dessert. But believe me when I say it’s totally worth it!
This is a must if you want to make a good impression on your norwegian mother in law (svigermor) or if you just want to experiment with something using cranberries and strawberries. As we mexicans say “love starts with the stomach” so make it happen with cake!


Cake  (24cm)
6 eggs
240 g sugar
135 g wheat flour
150 g potato flour
3 ts baking powder

Stuffing and decoration
2 dl strawberries jam (200 ml)
1 portion of strawberry cream*
6 dl whipped cream (600 ml)
3 spoons of powdered sugar (between 75 or 80 g)
100 g chocolate chips (DAM sjokolade)
Strawberries and blueberries for decoration

Strawberry cream*
300 g fresh strawberries
5 spoons of sugar (between 75 or 80 g)
3 gelatin sheets (6 g of gelatin powder)
3 dl whipped cream (300 ml)


Grease and flour the baking pans
(Cake 24cm)

In a large bowl you mix with an electric hand mixer the egg whites with sugar until you reach the consistency called “ribbon stage” (http://www.cooksinfo.com/ribbon-stage). Then slowly one by one you add the egg yolks. Finally add the remaining of the ingredients for the cake until you get a sponge looking mix. 

This mix you will divide it in 3 portions and bake it separately in the oven (one by one) at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 min.
Once out of the oven, let them cool completely or even put them in the refrigerator covered in plastic to avoid them getting dry. 

Strawberry cream*
You will smash the strawberries and mix it with the sugar to obtain a puree consistency. 

Put the gelatin sheets in cold water for 6 min to hydrate them or you can just use gelatin powder. 

Warm up a small portion of the mashed strawberries mix in a pan (low heat) moving the mix all the time with a spoon. You take the gelatin sheets (shake them a little bit to take off any water excess) and mix them with the strawberry puree in the pan, all this with low heat and constant movement. If you are using powder gelatin then you just need to add the powder slowly until it dissolves in the strawberry puree. 

Now mix the puree from the pan with the remaining strawberry puree and let it cool down.
In a bowl mix the whipped cream with the electric hand mixer until you get a creamy consistency and slowly add the strawberry puree. 

NOTE: the puree must be already cold in order to add it.

Now we can start putting together the cake!!!!!!

We will use two pieces of the already baked cake previously sprinkled with milk to hydrate them. 

Put one in the baking form you used, first put the jam.


Add the strawberry cream and then the other part/portion of the cake, cover it all with plastic and put it in the fridge. 

The main point is for the strawberry cream to set in the cake, usually it takes one night.

Stuffing and decoration
The rest of the whipped cream mix it with the 3 spoons of powdered sugar (using the mixer) but do this once you are ready to use it. 

Take the cake out of the fridge and put a thin layer of the whipped cream and sugar mix and sprinkle the chocolate chips (we suggest the brand DAM).

Cover again with the same whipped cream the whole cake, trying to flatten the cream as you put it and decorate with strawberries and cranberries or any other berries. Here you can see an example of decoration!

And enjoy this amazing Norwegian cake! Vær så god!!!
La fonda de las comadres.


miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

La Fonda de las Comadres

Hello everybody!  
Today I start a new blogging adventure with you and my new and crazy mexican friends. These girls are mexicans whom I have recently met here in Bergen, Norway. 
I moved to Bergen two years ago, and slowly I have been connecting with the Mexican/latino community here in town. Some of the girls I mention I met at the norwegian school where we try to learn this complicated scandinavian language and others I had the chance to meet then dancing in the mexican folk dance group.
Now we are meeting for lunch more or less once a week and we eat delicious real mexican food, almost like eating from your mom's kitchen!!!! And of course, we talk a lot!! We are women, mexican courageous women, and we love to talk, eat with the satisfaction you have eaten more than enough and we have a great time!!  Then we realized that the knowledge we have been acquiring on the secrets of how to make real mexican food with limited supplies here in Norway was something to share and disseminate throughout the web.
Thus the results of these conversations and lunches will be published in my blog (our blog, now), the cooking recipes, the tricks to make it taste just like home, maybe some interesting fact her and there. But obviously since we are not in Mexico and the ingredients used to prepare mexican food are sometimes a great challenge to find, this is the main part of the blog, the "how" to use norwegian available stuff or imported stuff to recreate Mexico.
We present the adaptation of recipes from the world with norwegian ingredients or what is available. Sometimes we will share with you norwegian recipes, very tradicional recipes, that we have also managed to cook and with which I'm sure you can surprise your norwegian friends. And Why not? international recipes!!!

I write the names of my dear friends and now collaborators in the order I met them!!! 

Grecia (Pacific Girl)
Vanessa (Mayan Spirit)
María (Sweet Angel)
Priscilla (Queen of the North)
and me Cecilia (The Soul of The Food)  

Now let's start this adventure!
Nå starter vi dette eventyret!
Ahora empecemos esta aventura!

miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

B.Blue Aquetzalli´s dress

In the next post I will only show you the beautiful pictures of Aquetzalli's dress on my friend B. Blue made. You can make it yourself following the step by step in the next link:

                                           Gracias tía Barbara!!!!!!!
See you in RUMS

martes, 4 de julio de 2017

Barbara's dress

Hello everybody in this post I show you the colaboration that we have done  +Bàrbara Blue and me. We have done what we call Barbara´s dress, and the result was really fantastic, because we unite knitting and sewing confection together. Now I describe step by step how to do the bra... and if you have interest in making the Barbara´s dress or if you only have  curiosity.....you can to visit the +Bàrbara Blue  blogger and you will see the step by step  end of Barbara´s dress there!!!

Above you can see my collaboration in this work!!!!!

She is my friend Barbara a woman whit whom we share different hobbies like salsa dancing, DIY and science! OK!! We start with the step by step!!!!

I made size S-M
If you need a smaller size you can make less chain and if you need a larger size you can add chain.

Katia Yarn: Cotton Stretch.
Hook number 3
Wooden beads for decoration.
Wooden buttoms.
I divide the bra in 4 parts:  
  1.- Cup
  2.- Union of the cups  
  3.- Side wings
  4.- Straps

Cast on 20 chain stitch

The next turn you make single crochet.
And continue with single crochet..........
You need to make a square.....

You can measure in this form: you can see the picture:
On this picture you can see the perfect square.

When you have the square......
you make in the corner two single crochet on the same hole.....

and coninue with single crochet per hole or single crochet

Now you make many turns......on two sides of square.

Now you have a cup, the three sides are the same size. You need to repeat all the steps of the chest for to you have two cups.

Breasts union

On this step you join the two pieces. You start on one corner to kniting with single crochet and continue until you finish the first cup and later join the other cup whith single crochet and finish the turn and return whit single crochet. 
                                                        corner            join       continue

Make two turn with single crochet and later make two turn of fans.
two single crochet  ⇉

When you finish the second turn of single crochet, make 5 chains........ and skip two singles crochets, and on the next hole make two double croche. Followed by this you have one chain, and it continues to make two double crochet on the same hole.

Summary of the previous...... 

Skip two single crochet.
Make two double crochet
One chain.
Two double crochet.
Make two turn of fans.

Side wings
Do 11 single crochet starting from......where you can see the hook in the picture.
               Single crochet                                                                           

                   11 single crochet        


Do two turns. And the next turn you make double crochet. The size of the wing depend on your back size.


Have 3-trc- together and join with one chain. And continue with this pattern, until you have the required size.
Finally, you use the wooden beads and buttons to decorate like do you want!!!!

I enjoyed making this project and I hope you like it and have a nice time with this craft!!!! Aquetzallicraft and b.blue!!!!

TIPS!!! You can check the parts and names of a bra in: 

See you in RUMS