lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

For grandmother and granddaughter


Hello everybody! I am here again. This time I present to you a very beautiful travel shoes for grandmother and granddaughter!!!

The size for adult is 38 (Europa) or 24 (4) (Mexico), for a girl arround 3-4 years.
The yarn is for needles of 3.5 or 4. I used Rubin yarn.

 I present the guide patterns you add or remove point as you need.

Grandmother travel shoes....
In first row you cast on 4 stitch and the next row you make purl stitch, for the next 8 rows it is the same (8 rows all the time in purl).
In the 9th row you can add one stitch on each side (you continuos with purl stitch). The next row (10) you only knit the same stitch. You continue with this sequence until to have 16 rows.
In the 24th row you add for each stitch one extra stitch. In the next row you have 44 stitches. 24th row is very important because you have to double the stitches and in the next row you change the pattern. Now in the 25th row you make two knit stitch and the next two stitch make purl stitch and continues whit this sequence until end. (kkppkkppkkppkkpp...........kkpp)
The next row is the same and you need to make 45 rows.     
In the 46th row you need to decrease, for each stitch you need to remove one stitch, that is to say, you now have in total 44 stitches, in the next row you must have 22 stitches, in this row of decreases you need change to purl stitches.
For the next row you must remove one stitch on each side, and continue to make purl stitches. You have 16 rows in total with decreases...finally you will have 4 stitches and you must make 8 rows whit purl stitches.
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Now, you only need to sew with needle and the same yarn the side and the strap, and decorate it to your liking. 

Granddauther travel shoes....

You can to follow the same steps of grandmother travel shoes, but only change the number of stitches that i will present in the next pattern.  
Enjoy your knitting!!!
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